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5 Problems Only Small Business Owners Will Understand

Nov 22,2017

Running your own business is like filling 5 different roles all at one time. Often business owners are the operations manager, the sales manager, the chief financial officer, the marketing director and the customer service department all in one! Only

5 Different Ways To Discover Your Brand

Nov 13,2017

Brands are like wardrobe choices. You need to be honest about who your trying to attract, what your natural style is and the story your trying to tell. In order to make your company stand out, you must do more

4 Ways Of Increasing Sales Without Being Salesy

Oct 12,2017

Sales has always been my forte. My earliest memories of the entrepreneurial spirit living in me was hunting for crystals and rocks in my apartment complex and selling them from our apartment window sill. Presentation was everything as a 7

Why Business Owners Experience Burn Out

Oct 5,2017

The story is all too familiar. You decided to quit your 40hr work week so you can “be your own boss” and free up your time. You purchased your cool laptop, your business cards and office space only to find

7 Expert’s Advice On Vital Pieces of a Marketing Plan

Sep 27,2017

Every business needs a plan. Even if it’s a one pager. Without a plan, the truth is, we plan to fail. Unfortunately, many businesses think their product will sell itself and while they may have a good product, it’s important

What Is SEO? And How Can It Help My Business?

Aug 23,2017

Sometimes when you’re starting your business, you have to go through an educational bootcamp. You get all of these terms and jargon thrown at you that you have no clue about. What is the difference between SEO, SEM, and SMM?

American Eagle Vs. Severity Design

Aug 16,2017

If you’ve been in the market for a website design or digital marketing services you’ve sure to have run across a company called American Eagle. If you’re not familiar, American Eagle is a professional web development company located in Des

What Can Social Media Really Do For My Business?

Aug 10,2017

There are lots of questions surrounding whether or not social media can really impact a businesses bottom line. I meet business owners every day that are skeptical about whether or not it’s worthwhile to invest marketing dollars in social media

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