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American Eagle Vs. Severity Design

Aug 16,2017

If you’ve been in the market for a website design or digital marketing services you’ve sure to have run across a company called American Eagle. If you’re not familiar, American Eagle is a professional web development company located in Des

What Can Social Media Really Do For My Business?

Aug 10,2017

There are lots of questions surrounding whether or not social media can really impact a businesses bottom line. I meet business owners every day that are skeptical about whether or not it’s worthwhile to invest marketing dollars in social media

DIY SEO For 2017

Jun 23,2017

Google has us all by the balls. For the small business owner, especially local brick and mortar retail, trying to get your business information visible and appearing on Google search is now seeming to be more and more challenging. Many have

Winners of Our Facebook Business Page Makeover Contest

May 11,2017

Severity Design would like to congratulate two special local businesses that have won our Facebook business page makeover challenge. (a $97 value) Those two businesses are Hospitalitea, a local tea shop located in the State St. Market in Elgin, Illinois

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